Top ten best dog trainers in the United States of America

Top ten best  dog  trainers in the United States of America

 In a matter of fact, dogs always had this reputation of being loyal and friendly to their friends. However, dogs can put their guardians in a very embarrassing situations , like hopping on people , disturbing your friend’s steps while walking ,and chasing stuff ending up in damaging them.

 Top ten best dog trainers in the USA
Top ten best dog trainers in the USA


Consequently, people delve into training their dogs to behave adequately and enhance their dealing with other people -or  dogs and other pets . People started thinking about this solution competently after seeing the fruitful results of this training .

We will now talk about the top ten best  dog  trainers in the United States of America to make you have a clear view of how this training is done and how effective its results . we will state them from the least  to the most famous one.

10) James Hamm :

He has a unique program for training dogs. He depends on training both the dogs and the dog owners not the sogs only as conventional dog trainers do  ! He spot the light on the un-sociality problem and solves it .He reduces  tension and stress of dogs that causes their aggressive behavior. His work is centered in Texas ,but sometimes  he works outside and provide private lessons.

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9) Linda Michaels MA :

on the other hand, her work is centered in California . Linda doesn’t only have the talent of training dogs , but also  she enhanced her talent by being officially certified. Her intelligent  way of solving dog’s problem depends on not treating the symptoms but the fundamental causes of the problem.

8) Tonya Wilhelm:

She is known of the universality and diversity of her work . She works inside and enhances her talent by working outside. Consequently, this makes her experienced with all kinds of dogs.

7) Brian Ki commons :

He isn’t only a dog trainer , but also an author who dedicated his paperwork in dogs manuals and books related to dogs. His wife is also a dog trainer .

6) Martin Delay :

He has a reputation of “ Florida dog trainer” ,which makes him a professional dog trainer globally. He is the head of the International Association of Canine Professionals .

5) Larry Benoit :

He is known of training dogs with a very small age. His classes takes only one hour. He depends on school-like training program and makes dog owners do a homework on what they have learnt.

4) Ian Dunbar:

He graduated as veterinarian and animal behavior supervisor. He has written many books like , how to teach a new dog old tricks and Dvd’s  . His work depends only on enhancing dog behavior .

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3) Kyra Sundance :

She is an excellent author . Her work is specialized for adults and kids. She dedicates her work on tricks to solve problems , and her classes and books are one of their kind .

2) Zak George :

He is an American broadcaster and is known globally. He uses loving and positive methods in training dogs. He  believes that dealing this way doesn’t only enhance dog behavior , but also makes your relationship with your dog lasts forever.

1) Cesar Milan :

His intimacy toward dogs comes from his childhood experience  when he worked with animals on his grandfather’s farm. He was called  the dog boy in his country .His milestone in dog training is pictured in his television series” Dog Whisperer”  .

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