Top 7 healthy dog food brands you can buy from

healthy dog food

Top 7 healthy dog food brands you can buy from

“The phrase ‘ healthy dog food ‘ means that various things to different people,” says dog trainer and behavior specialist Tonya Wilhelm of Toledo Dog coaching. “Dry dog food is far and away the foremost common and best to use, however additionally the foremost processed and carbohydrate-heavy food you’ll notice,” she notes.

She powerfully recommends that pet house owners United Nations agency opt to feed a pre-made petfood — whether or not dry, canned or dehydrated — 1st read all the pet food ingredients fastidiously. “Yes, the particular ingredient list — not simply the front of the package,” she stresses.

Overall, the most effective petfood has acquainted ingredients, high levels of protein and antioxidants and may not have artificial colours or flavors, high laevulose syrup, syrup or cane sugar or animal by-products. you’ll wish to browse all the ingredients, paying shut attention to the primary 5 on the list.

So here you can find top 7 healthy dog food brands you can get food form:

Addiction ( healthy dog food brand )

If your friend has allergies you can’t beat Addiction, the leading hypoallergenic brand on the market today. With antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, it’s not hard to see why this brand has a passionate fan base and the good healthy dog food.

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Diamond Naturals

This Brand may be a well-balanced inhibitor wealthy healthy petfood. the meat supermolecule provides best nutrition for dogs that like the style of beef, or ar sensitive to chicken or corn. Diamond Beef Meal & Rice Adult Formula Dry petfood provides bonded levels of tocopherol and Se make sure that your dog is receiving optimum inhibitor nutrition, whereas omega-6 fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids keep the skin and coat healthy and glossy.

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Blackwood Dog Food

Family owned for 20 years, Blackwood is an all-American brand. Relying on traditional methods, this healthy dog food is slow cooked in small batches, ensuring your fuzzy companion eats as though it were Thanksgiving every day.

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Fromm® is a four star rated healthy dog food . Fromm® has been receiving some great reviews from many online retailers. Fromm is packed with duck and chicken meal. Chicken meal contains 300% more protein then fresh chicken. Fromm is also mixed with a nice variety of oats, barley, and brown rice. Lastly Fromm® adds a protein rich meat concentrate called menhaden fish meal.

The fish meal is packed with high proteins and essential omega-3 proteins for your furry friends. Fromm® does not contain any harmful chemical by-products and or preservatives. Find nutritional value for your dollar with Fromm®.

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Blue Buffalo


Blue Buffalo is the only brand with LifesourceBits, a kibble with a blend of nutrients and vitamins. It’s especially good if your best friend is a bit under the weather, needs an immune system boost or just to keep them tip top against daily wear and tear.

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California Natural

With a limited number of ingredients, this is a great food for a dog with food sensitivities. No hidden extras means you won’t be getting tummy upsets, you can count the happy days!

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Dr. Harvey’s®

5 star reviews have been received for this product in 2016. Dr. Harvey’s® is a fairly new growing online company that just recently expanded to retail outlets. This product is packed with freeze dried beef. The freeze drying process safely preserves the essential amino acids in the beef. We can also find whole eggs, raw chicken, potatoes, carrots, and flaxseed meal. Did you know? Flaxseed meal is one of the best plant base sources of health omega-3 acids. We don’t stop there though.

Dr. Harvey’s then throws in a mix of green beans, zucchini, Broccoli, peas and beets. Oddly this product contains alfalfa, although this hay is high in protein it’s very uncommon to see in high end brand dog foods. Veg to Bowl Dry Dog Food is for those who want to go the homemade route. This food makes that easy — just add water for a hot, wet meal for your dog.

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